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Vaping with E-Cigarettes

Virginia Beach’s Affordable Electronics is The Place To Go For All Your E-Cigarette Products

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Box Mod E-Cigarettes

Do you vape with E-cigs? You might be surprised to discover just how many people do. Vaping, by the way, is sort of like a form of “smoking,” only there’s no smoke. Instead of smoke, there’s a vapor – hence the term. Vaping is taking the United States by storm, with more and more vape shops opening all over the nation.

Vaping is a great way to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. You can get the flavorings with different amounts of nicotine, so most trying-to-quit smokers start out with a higher level and gradually taper off. Using E-cigarettes that contain nicotine prevents many of the physical side effects associated with going “cold turkey.”

Another reason vaping is a good way to quit smoking is because it satisfies the hand-to-mouth motion that most smokers are accustomed to. Inhaling the vapor fills your mouth and lungs with flavor, too, which is another reason people smoke.

Vaping isn’t as bad for your lungs as traditional cigarettes are. Instead of breathing in noxious smoke that contains loads of known carcinogens, with vaping, you breathe in a much less harmful substance. People who are around you a lot will also appreciate the fact that they’re not having to breathe in your second-hand smoke!

How does a vaper work? The tank of the E-cigarette is filled with a liquid called E-juice, vape juice, or simply juice. The battery in the device heats up the liquid, turning it into an aerosol that can be inhaled.

Sub Ohm Tanks E-Cigs

What’s in the juice? The main ingredients in the E-juice are usually propylene glycol and glycerin. Both products are often contained in our foods, and they have been deemed safe by the FDA. In addition, flavorings are added, and there are a world of flavors to choose from! Some include cherry, cinnamon, blackberry, caramel apple, strawberry, watermelon, bourbon, espresso, and hundreds of others. Someone who’s used to smoking menthol cigarettes might prefer a flavor like mint or ice, while a no-nonsense smoker might enjoy the tobacco flavor of E-juice. When most people begin using vapes, they try numerous flavors of juice before they decide on their favorite. Another optional ingredient in the E-juice is nicotine. You decide on the strength you want.

Of course, you can also get the vape juice without nicotine, which is what many non-smokers do. these people don’t vape because they’re trying to stop smoking. They just like the taste of their favorite vape juice.

Most people who start vaping as a way to stop smoking traditional cigarettes buy at least two vape units. They’re rechargeable, so if a vaper has two units, one can always be charged up and ready to go. They plug into a regular electrical outlet and can be charging at night while you sleep.

A good way to get into E-cigs is to purchase a starter kit that contains everything you need. You’ll find a wide selection of tanks and batteries in different sizes, different colors, and different styles. You can also purchase accessories like cases, extra charging cables, and lanyards.

Just A Few Of Our E-Cigarette Products Available In Shop

  • Box ModBox Mod E Cigarettes
  • Mechanical Mod
  • RDA
  • Sub–Ohm Tanks
  • Tips
  • Dry Herb
  • Atomizer
  • Hookah
  • Hookah Stick
  • Coils
  • Batteries 18650
  • And much more in the store at Affordable Electronics of Virginia Beach
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